On the Menu

Flagship Beverages

We’re always serving these!

  • Commodore’s Pick: Dry, classic hard cider
  • Smooth Sailing: Semi-sweet.
  • Gingered Hard Cider: Sweet with a burn. First place winner at Orcas Island Cider Festival’s 2015 homebrew competition.
  • Hard Lemonade: Made from organic lemon juice and organic cane sugar. Great on a warm afternoon.  Also served as a Slushie,  in the summertime.

Seadrift Beverages

Inspired by the season, and happenstance

  • Nootka Rose in Cider:  Slightly sweet, subtle wild rose petal flavor.
  • Plums in Cider: Wild orchard prune plums.
  • Blackberry Cider: It was a very good year.
  • Cranberries in Cider: Sweet yet tart. Organic cranberries.
  • Cascadia! Hops in Cider:  Beer drinkers favorite. Citrusy.
  • Wild Nettle Tonic:  Fermented nettle tea. Refreshing.
  • Sparkling Ginger Wine: You gotta love ginger! Sweet to go with the burn.
  • Asian Pear Cyser: Local unsprayed pearapples with honey. Crisp, clean, barely sweet.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Cider: The taste of fall, sweet and natural. Nonalcoholic, a juice.
  • Mulled cider, nonalcoholic: perfect on these crisp days, from our pressed juice plus some Washington state organic juice.
  • Lemonade slushie: Organic, from juice and cane sugar. Delicious cold.
  • Chai: Brewed here from organic cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, cloves, pepper and ginger, with organic black tea leaves. Served with your choice of milk:  whole, almond or soy. Great for your digestion and attitude, served warm.
  • Pour-over Organic Coffee:  Boathouse blend from Local Goods. Smooth.
  • The Cure:  Ginger tea, turmeric paste, lemon juice with honey to taste. Served warm.  Will fix anything that ails you, though you might need more than one mug. Served in Fall and Winter.


  • Popcorn Bar. Organic popcorn, sprinkled with organic butter. Top with our choice of mostly organic, some local, spice mixes.  ** Free refills**
  • Crackers and Local Cheeses: Please specify gluten free or wheat.
  • Organic hummus with chips. Locally made hummus from the Co-op.