On the Menu

Flagship Beverages

We’re always serving these!

  • Commodore’s Pick: Dry, classic hard cider
  • Cascadia! Hops in Cider:  Beer drinker’s favorite. Citrusy.
  • Smooth Sailing: Semi-sweet.
  • Gingered Hard Cider: Sweet with a burn. First place winner at Orcas Island Cider Festival’s 2015 homebrew competition.
  • Hard Lemonade: Made from organic lemon juice and organic cane sugar. Great on a warm afternoon.  Also served as a Slushie,  in the summertime.

Seadrift Beverages

Inspired by the season, and happenstance

  • Nootka Rose in Cider:  Slightly sweet, subtle wild rose petal flavor.
  • Plums in Cider: Wild orchard prune plums.
  • Blackberry Cider: It was a very good year.
  • Cranberries in Cider: Sweet yet tart. Organic cranberries.
  • Chaider: House-made organic chai tea added to cider. Tastes like fall.
  • Wild Nettle Tonic:  Fermented nettle tea. Refreshing.
  • Asian Pear Cyser: Local unsprayed pearapples with honey. Crisp, clean, barely sweet.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Cider: The taste of fall, sweet and natural. Nonalcoholic, a juice.
  • Mulled cider, nonalcoholic: perfect on these crisp days, from our pressed juice plus some Washington state organic juice.
  • Lemonade slushie: Organic, from juice and cane sugar. Delicious cold.
  • Organic apple juice slushie:   yum!
  • Chai: Brewed here from organic cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, cloves, pepper and ginger, with organic black tea leaves. Served with your choice of milk:  whole, almond or soy. Great for your digestion and attitude, served warm or in a SLUSHIE.
  • Pour-over Organic Coffee:  Boathouse blend from Local Goods. Smooth.


    • Popcorn Bar. Organic popcorn, sprinkled with organic butter. Top with our choice of mostly organic, some local, spice mixes.  ** Free refill.**
    • Hummus with chips.  Organic corn chips, smooth hummus.